Sunday, 15 August 2010

Footsie: Frollic Shoes From iLuvBag Inc.

 Hye Fashion Lovers,

They are really cute, i'm sure they are not only catch my eyes but yours too. Flat lovers you might love this super duper cute Frollic Shoes from ILuvBag Inc . They got more than 5 colours enough too make you fall in love with this cute shoes. Ballerina, i'm sure you would smile all day long :)


There are more colours at ILuvBag Inc  and you will suprise if i said its only for RM50 for a pair of cutie Frollie Shoes. Dont wait too long to bring them back!

Plus, there are more product at their site such bags, eyepieces and much much more..
Happy Browsing Shoppers!


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