Sunday, 15 August 2010

Beautiholics: Big Dolly Eyes

Hye Fashion Lovers,

Girls love beauty. Just like one malay song 'Dari Kerana Mata Yang Mempunyai Kuasa', beauty comes out through our beauty eyes and yes with beauty eyes there might be some boys melted outside there ;p

Big Dolly Eyes Therapy offers you, many kind of lenses and you will have bigger eyes with them. It comes along with cheaper prices. This Korea Lenses come along with mony colour,pattern and obviously they look natural. So dont worry, you will immediately having the natural beauty with you.

The good news is, the new batch for pre order is opened today and you only have to wait for only 7-10days to get your super duper awesome lense. Dont think too much on it, grab them fast!

Happy Browsing Shoppers!

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