Sunday, 15 August 2010

Advertising Sevices

Show Me Da Store also offer all blogshop owner our advertising services. For those who interested to advertise their blogshop at our sites, here is the details:

A- Bavarage:

Size: 160 x 400
Location: On the top of blog at the left and the right sidebar
Price: RM 20 per month


Size: 200 x 160
Location: At the middle of the blog only at the right sidebar
Price: RM 10 per month


Size: 240 x 100
Location: Belom the B bavarage & some others widget. Only at the right sidebar.
Price: RM 5 per month


Size: 125 x 125
Location:At the bottom of the blog, above the followers.
Price: RM 3 per month

Terms & Conditions

1. Payment must be made to my CIMB & Maybank account when you confirmed your booking and for the monthly payment. (Email will be send to you as a reminder for the monthly payment)

2. First come first serve. Whichever blogshops who can make the full payment first will have the priority.

3. You have to submit your banner, before your ads has been displayed.

4. I'm only helping you to advertised your blogshop at my site. No guarantee for the traffic to increase.

5. Once your booking have been confirmed, there are no cancellation. Any cancellation after payment, no refunds are allowed.

6. For any further enquiries, please drop us an email at

7. Happy browsing with Show Me Da Store. Thanx!

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